Mother's Day and Father's Day cards

New Mother's and Father's Day cards are here!

Honestly, pretty happy with myself on these. I really struggle with making Mother's and Father's Day cards. I have a very complicated relationship with both my mom and dad. Well, I actually don't have a relationship with my dad at all. 

Father's Day card with a forest

Complicated relationships aside, I also struggle with the who gender rolls issues that come up while making these cards. Have you ever really looked at mom and dad's day cards?  There is definitely a theme to most of them. Dad likes beer and grilling. Mom likes flowers and gardening. I can't help asking myself the questions, "But what if mom loves craft beers and grills a mean hamburger, and dad is a master gardener who loves roses?" 

Every year I sit down and try to come up with a couple of new card designs, and every year I feel like I failed. I'm never happy with them. Sometimes I send them to my print shop to have them printed, even if I'm not 100% happy with them. Just so I have something in case a shop asks for some. But mostly I trash them. 

It's a huge mental block for me.

Well, after struggling with a new Mother's Day card earlier this month, and almost throwing it away, I kept going. I finished it and I'd say I'm 85% happy with it. Go me!

But more importantly, I came up with a really great idea while I was on a run last week. Why not take an existing landscape illustration I have, and just add a Happy Mother's Day, or a Happy Father's Day, text to it?

wild flower Mother's Day card

What?? I can do that?? Yes, I can do that!! 

So voila! Just like that, I have two new Dad's day and Mom's day cards!

Why hadn't I thought of doing this sooner? Who knows. But they're done, I like them.


I'm not sure why these pictures look so blurry on this post. They don't look blurry anywhere else that I have posted them... Still figuring this whole website thing out.

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